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Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

GBGH Strategic Plan 2018-2013

Engagement & Inclusiveness
Strategic Direction

  • We are an organization of choice for talented people
  • We are engaged with our patients and their families
  • We build collaborative partnerships and integration opportunities to improve patient experience and outcomes
  • We respect the diversity of the people we serve, including our Indigenous and Francophone communities

Strategic Objectives

  • Develop high-performing leaders
  • Create partnerships and integration that improve patient experience and outcomes throughout their
    healthcare journey
  • Build accountability and recognition systems
  • Invest in our peoples’ development and learning
  • Develop processes for engaging people

Quality & Safety
Strategic Direction

  • We ensure the safety of our patients, people and volunteers
  • We improve patient experience and outcomes through high quality, inter-professional care based on innovation and best practices

Strategic Objectives

  • Improve safety & well-being for our people and patients
  • Create a culture of best practices and evidence-based practices

Accountability & Sustainability
Strategic Direction

  • We advance our strategic priorities through the responsible and purposeful use of resources
  • We are accountable to our people, stakeholders and patients we serve
  • We grow our programming to align with community needs

Strategic Objectives

  • Leverage technology to improve patient experience and timely access to information
  • Responsible financial and resource management
  • Building capacity through teaching and mentorship