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GBGH Switchboard 705-526-1300

Internet, Telephone and TV Services

Wi-Fi and Internet Service

Georgian Bay General Hospital offers Wi-Fi connectivity through our “Stay Connected @ GBGH” program.  Patients and visitors can connect to our “GBGH Guest Wi-Fi” network and receive 24 hours of Wi-Fi access for $5.00 (plus HST).  Patients may use their 24 hours as much or as little as they like until all 24 hours of their service has been used up…even if it takes multiple days.

Please note that only online payments are accepted and use of the GBGH Guest Wi-Fi is an unsupported service.

Telephone Rentals

Bedside phones are available for all patients for a small daily rate, except in the Intensive Care Unit. Bell Canada pay phones are also available. Patients are required to pay $21.00 up front to have phone service.


Bedside television sets are available. Arrangements for rental may be made by you or your family at the nursing station