Indigenous Patient Navigator / E-naadmaaged Enaapinedjig Anishinaabek

Indigenous Patient Navigator / E-naadmaaged Enaapinedjig Anishinaabek

Georgian Bay General Hospital in partnership with Beausoleil First Nation and the Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle’s Aboriginal Health Circle

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The Indigenous Patient Navigator’s primary responsibility is to support First Nation, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) patients and their families to receive the best care possible within Georgian Bay General Hospital and community services sector by helping them move through the health care system using culturally appropriate care. The Indigenous Patient Navigator identifies and removes barriers to effective health care treatment while addressing language/cultural and spiritual needs of FNMI  patients. The Indigenous Patient Navigator works to increase opportunities for hospital after-care by coordinating services between the hospital and Indigenous community support services.

  • Support FNMI patients through the triage/admissions process at GBGH
  • Communicate and act as a liaison between the patient, their family, the hospital & health care team
  • Assist FNMI patients to better understand the hospital services
  • Assist patients through a coordinated care plan
  • Increase the involvement of primary care for the chronically ill by collaborating with the North Simcoe Community Health Links
  • Helping patients and their families access FNMI and non-FNMI health support systems upon discharge
  • Advocate for the best care possible for FNMI patients

Cultural Services

  • Access to Healing and Smudge room
  • Smudging
  • Traditional medicines
  • Referral to traditional practitioner/healer
  • Referral to Indigenous community services

Traditional Healing and Smudge Room / Neegan Naabwag

  • Located in the 2 North corridor junction towards 2 East rooms
  • To access the Traditional Healing and Smudge room, please contact the Indigenous Patient Navigator at extension 5355 or Security at extension 5401

How to access Indigenous Patient Navigator services:

  • Self identify as a First Nation, Metis, or Inuit patient (status or non-status) at registration
  • Provide First Nation or Inuit status card number at registration, if applicable
  • Consent to notification for Indigenous Patient Navigator
    1. Meet and greet for offer of services
    2. Acceptance of services optional
    3. Consent is required to receive services
  • And/or personally contact the Indigenous Patient Navigator by phone or email – Tara Sunday – – and leave a detailed message