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The fees collected from parking at Georgian Bay General Hospital directly contribute to patient care through the annual operating budget of the hospital. The hospital must raise 16% of its operating budget annually.

Georgian Bay General Hospital provides discounted parking rates for frequent users. The rates are as follows:

Hourly rate $3.00
Daily rate $7.00 (for a 24-hour period)
7 day rate $25.00
15 day rate $42.00
30 day rate $70.00

Please note that longer term parking passes result in greater savings for those who will be at the hospital on a more regular basis.

Remember to keep your ticket with you and not in your vehicle in order to pay for parking in either the main lobby or the emergency department entrance when leaving the hospital.


There is an emergency drop off area only and then you will have to move your vehicle to the parking lot. The drop off area must be clear for ambulances.

The hospital is not responsible if a violation ticket is issued.

After dropping off a patient, your car should be moved to the hospital parking lot where you will be required to pay $3 per hour up to a maximum of $7 for a 24-hour period.

Please remember to bring your parking ticket with you into the hospital to pay at the machines located in the emergency department entrance and the front lobby.