Discharge Planning

Discharge Planning

In your room, there is a whiteboard with important information, including the names of your nurse, doctor, goals/messages and a colour-coded symbol and date to indicate when your care team anticipates you will be ready for discharge.

If your colour is RED your discharge date is more than three days away.

If your colour is YELLOW your discharge date is one to three days away.

If your colour is GREEN your discharge is 24 hours (or less) away.

Your cooperation in making the appropriate arrangements for your discharge, such as transportation, is appreciated. Your nurse and the Patient Flow Navigator (PFN) are available to work with you, to determine the support and assistance you will need.

Having transportation arranged in advance is important as it allows the hospital to discharge patients in a timely manner. This assists with patient flow because it means a discharged patient’s bed becomes available for a new patient waiting in the Emergency department for admission to an inpatient unit. Prior to discharge, ask your nurse for any of your personal medications.

Please visit the cashier/switchboard (main entrance) before leaving to pay any charges not covered by your insurance. You should also pick up any valuables secured by your care team for safekeeping. Out-of-country patients are required to pay all outstanding charges at the time of discharge.

GBGH provides services and coordination to help you plan for your healthcare needs upon discharge from hospital. Your nurse, the Patient Flow Navigator (PFN), and Home and Community Care providers will determine the support and assistance you will need at home. The goal is for you to be able to return home.

If you have questions about your health AFTER you have been discharged from hospital:

  • Speak to your family physician or nurse practitioner
  • Call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 to speak to a Registered Nurse
  • Call Home and Community Care at 705-721-8010 or toll free at 1-888-721- 2222 to discuss your home care needs and services