OTN – Ontario Telemedicine Network

OTN – Ontario Telemedicine Network

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Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) is a member of the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), an extensive network of over 1,200 sites servicing the province of Ontario and one of the largest networks of its kind in the world. OTN provides access to health care for patients in every hospital and hundreds of other health care locations across the province.

Telemedicine is an interactive, two-way televideo conferencing technology which allows for face-to-face communication and facilitates consultations with your medical professional who may be hundreds of kilometres away.

During a telemedicine appointment, you will have the opportunity to see, hear and speak with a health care provider and discuss your plan of care. This means you will not have to leave your community in order to consult with a specialist. You will save time and money related to travel expenses and, no longer will you be required to take a day off work to attend an out of town appointment.

OTN is committed to improving access to quality health care. It is about having the right provider in the right place at the right time.


The Telemedicine studio at GBGH is located in the Ambulatory Care dept. on the lower level of the hospital. The current hours of service are 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday each week.

So What Happens in a Telemedicine Visit?

A telemedicine appointment is similar to a regular visit, the only difference is that you will see and talk to the doctor through a television screen. Your appointment will take place in a private room and information is treated within strict privacy guidelines.

Ask your healthcare provider if Telemedicine is right for you. Referrals to OTN can be made by your Family Physician.
OTN will contact you directly with your appointment date and time.

For more information about Telemedicine please access the OTN website.

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