Georgian Bay General Hospital hosts successful ROMP Week for new medical students

Dr. Martin McNamara (left) works with two medical students during a ROMP Week clinical skills lab.

June 13, 2024 – Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) recently welcomed a group of first and second year medical students for an enriching Rural Ontario Medicine Program (ROMP) Week. The experience provides these future physicians with valuable “hands-on” clinical experiences, and a taste of the great lifestyle within the Georgian Bay community.

ROMP Week is a one-week elective program designed to expose medical students to medical practices beyond academic centres, emphasizing the distinct advantages, opportunities and challenges of rural medicine. This initiative aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of rural medical practice, potentially inspiring students to consider careers in these vital, yet often underserved, areas.

Throughout the week, GBGH organized a series of events and activities that encouraged interaction between the students and GBGH physicians and healthcare providers in the community. These events included:

  • Clinical Shadowing: Students had the opportunity to observe and participate in various clinical settings, including the hospital, to gain hands-on experience and insight into daily medical practices.
  • Community Engagement: Activities were planned to highlight the unique lifestyle offered by our community, helping students appreciate the balance between professional responsibilities and quality of life in a rural setting.
  • Networking Events: Informal gatherings and discussions were held to allow students to connect with GBGH physicians and healthcare providers, facilitating mentorship and professional relationships.

Dr. Vikram Ralhan, chief of staff at GBGH, commented on the success of ROMP Week: “We are thrilled to have hosted such a talented group of future medical professionals. ROMP Week is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the rewarding career and lifestyle that rural medicine offers. We hope this experience has inspired these students to consider returning to our community as practicing physicians in the future.”

The students left with a broader perspective on rural healthcare and a renewed enthusiasm for their medical careers. Amish Gaur, a first year medical student from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, shared his experience: “ROMP Week at GBGH was an incredible opportunity. The learning environment created by the GBGH physicians was outstanding, allowing us to gain practical insights and hands-on experience in rural medical practice. The support and mentorship we received have truly been inspiring.”

GBGH looks forward to further opportunities to support ROMP Week and similar initiatives that support the case for rural medicine and contribute to developing the next generation of health care providers.




Derek Desroches
Communications Specialist
Georgian Bay General Hospital
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