GBGH Board of Directors’ Message to the Community

Grey haired man in blue jacket named Patrick

April 21, 2020 – As Chair of Georgian Bay General’s Board of Directors, I’m impressed and humbled by the efforts of our hospital team in preparing for COVID-19.

During this crisis our Board has been meeting virtually to stay updated on the preparation and status at the hospital. Even from afar, we are well aware of all the exceptional efforts being made by GBGH’s talented staff and credentialed staff (physicians, midwives, dentists).

To date, we have been very fortunate at GBGH to have seen very few cases. However, if the hospital were to receive a sudden surge of COVID-19 patients, I know it is prepared.

Although our world as we know it has never seen anything quite like COVID-19, GBGH is adapting to changing circumstances daily. The team is running though scenarios daily to ensure all details are accounted for and preparing spaces designated for COVID care, all the while hoping they will never be filled with patients.

From the leaders planning the details to the staff skillfully executing them, GBGH’s team is taking the necessary next steps as information changes quickly and frequently during this pandemic. By every account, the team has pulled together exceptionally in the face of challenging times and on behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to say a most sincere thank you to all.

I have the utmost confidence in this GBGH team, but as a community, we can still help them help us. First and foremost, please heed the government’s insistence about the importance of continued physical distancing. Please remember to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. As a retired physician, I cannot stress the importance of this enough for preventing the spread of infection.

Please take care of yourselves – both emotionally and physically. If you have symptoms, please seek testing through the Midland Assessment Centre, accessible through the GBGH website ( or by calling 705-529-1025.

If you’re able, please consider making a financial contribution to the GBGH Foundation. The preparations for COVID-19 do not come without a cost as the hospital has purchased the necessary equipment to increase our capacity to care for critically ill patients.

Our community has been incredible to GBGH during this pandemic. Thank you for standing by our side, helping your hospital and helping your fellow community members.

Dr. Patrick McNamara

Chair, Board of Directors

Georgian Bay General Hospital