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Accreditation & Awards

Award Accreditation Canada 2015In 2015, Georgian Bay General Hospital has achieved 98% of Accreditation Canada’s standards of excellence.  Of the more than 2015 applicable standards tested by Accreditation Candada during their visit in December 2015, 1970 were met.

Accreditation is an approach used by many health care and social services organizations. At Accreditation Canada, our program is designed to improve client outcomes and health system performance. It helps the entire organization work together to create a focus on safety and quality.

The process is an ongoing one. Organizations use our program to identify what they do well and where they could do better, and make improvements based on the results. Peer reviewers, called surveyors, visit the organization every four years to evaluate the extent to which it is meeting the standards, share their expertise, and make recommendations.

Accreditation Canada then evaluates the results of the peer review to determine whether the organization will be accredited, and provides an accreditation report that identifies strengths and areas for improvement. The organization uses the report to create and implement action plans, continuing the cycle of ongoing quality improvement.

Award OHA WorkplaceThe OHA’s Quality Healthcare Workplace Model suggests that the quality of the work environment for staff and physicians is a key determinant of a high-performing health care organization.

The model marks a significant step beyond employee wellness, which focuses on individual health and program-based interventions. The model is more comprehensive and systemic, providing an organizational perspective on health and performance that reflects the direction taken by a growing number of OHA members. So the model integrates healthy workplace, human resource, quality and patient safety goals within a performance-focused framework

The model itself is evidence-based, drawing on a wide range of published research on health care work environments, staff quality of work life, quality improvement, and organizational outcomes. One of the key practical insights flowing from recent studies is the need to better understand how factors related to people’s job, work environments and organizational contexts can influence their overall wellbeing and their capacity to provide high-quality patient care or client services.

Award IQMHIQMH is internationally recognized as a competent provider of ISO 15189 accreditations. After an extensive evaluation process, in December 2012 IQMH was accepted as a Signatory of the Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). These important international groups foster the harmonization of laboratory accreditation practices to ISO standards. The MRA facilitates the acceptance of laboratory test results around the globe. As a signatory, we must demonstrate continued compliance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17011.

Accreditations granted by accreditation bodies that are signatories to the MRA are recognized world-wide. IQMH issues accreditation certificates within the MRA under its “ISO 15189 Plus™” banner. “ISO 15189 Plus™” accreditation requires the onsite assessment of laboratories once every two years.

The IQMH ISO 15189 Plus™ accreditation requirements are based on ISO 15189:2012 and are augmented with international standards for safety and point-of-care testing, national standards for blood safety, government regulation and generally accepted principles of good practice

Award RCO

Formerly known as the Ontario Waste Minimization Awards, the RCO Awards is Recycling Council of Ontario’s annual showcase that celebrates and recognizes the best application of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) in the previous calendar year.