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Welcome to Georgian Bay General Hospital

Welcome to Georgian Bay General Hospital

GBGH Emergency department construction update

The Emergency department (ED) at Georgian Bay General Hospital is feeling the effects of the latest phase of construction. This final phase, which began in December 2017, has caused the closure of the main waiting room, the See & Treat area and the ED administration areas. Measures such as a temporary waiting room and smaller See & Treat area have been set-up elsewhere in the department, but the space is far from normal conditions.

This final phase has been the most challenging to date. We have encroached on even more space in order to proceed with construction. We’ve lost most of our temporary waiting room as well as the main corridor to Emerg from the main entrance. We’ve also had to reduce the number of See & Treat spaces based on what the temporary space permits. This means we can accommodate fewer patients and has resulted in increased wait times.

The hospital is asking patients for their cooperation and understanding during the remainder of the redevelopment, expected to be complete this spring/early summer. If an illness or injury is not urgent and someone can be treated elsewhere such as a primary care provider or walk-in clinic, the hospital encourages they do so. GBGH also asks patients to be accompanied by only one support person when visiting the ED if possible.

We appreciate the public’s respectful patience, but please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team if you are in the ED and feel your needs are not being met.


ALLERGY ALERT: No Lilies; No Latex Balloons; Fragrance Friendly

GBGH is proud to offer services in French full-time in the following four areas:
Switchboard/Reception Ambulatory (Outpatient)
Human Resources
Office of Finance


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