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Declaration of Patient Values


As patients we value timely care and plain language communication from our health care providers. It is also important to us that the sharing of information happens at all levels; from provider to patient and between providers both internally and externally in a confidential manner.


Treat us with dignity, kindness and understanding as we struggle with change and illness.
Be thoughtful, respectful and understanding of us and our families.


Involve us in our patient-focussed care. Help us to understand and make informed decisions about the care we receive. Honour our beliefs, cultures, diversity and traditions.


Consistently demonstrate honesty, credibility and accountability by:

  • Delivering quality care safely and accurately in a timely manner;
  • Striving to keep us as pain-free as possible;
  • Providing a clean, calm environment;
  • Practicing good habits such as hand washing.


Be diligent in protecting our privacy as patients.