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Welcome to Georgian Bay General Hospital

Patient Relations

Georgian Bay General Hospital is committed to improving the quality of services we provide. We value your feedback and suggestions regarding the facilities, staff and services.

If you have a compliment, concern or complaint, please feel free to share it with the staff providing your care. If you prefer, you may speak to the Manager of the Program or Service if you are not comfortable speaking with the staff.

Please be aware that you may also contact the Patient Relations office at the hospital at 705-526-1300 ext. 5642 or email PatientRelations@gbgh.on.ca for issues that cannot be resolved with the care team.

How to Raise a Concern

The best approach is to begin with the people on your care team – your nurse, doctor, or other care provider.  Most issues can be resolved quickly at the point of care. The professionals on your care team know you best and are well positioned to assess and respond to your health care needs and concerns.  Good communication with your care providers is essential and helps to ensure the highest quality of health care.

If your concern cannot be resolved at the point of care, GBGH is committed to working with you to find a reasonable resolution in a timely manner by following a formalized process.

My concern cannot be resolved at the point of care, what do I do?

You are welcome to talk with the supervisor or manager in your area who can help facilitate a resolution. As a further alternative, you can contact Patient Relations, either by phone, e-mail, or in writing using the contact information provided above.  You will be contacted within 24 regular business hours to discuss your concern in more detail and to explain the next steps in the process.

The Patient Relations Officer will work with you to facilitate a review of your concerns with a common goal of reaching a reasonable resolution to your concern.  This could mean an appropriate member of the Senior Team may be brought in, a meeting with the entire team may be arranged or the Chief of Staff may be asked to deal with the concern. The Patient Relations Officer will act as an ongoing point of contact.  The time needed to review a concern varies (some reviews can last several months).

What if I don't want to give my name?

For the most comprehensive service, it is best to provide your name and a daytime contact number. You may contact us anonymously, but without contact information GBGH is limited in responding to your concerns.

Will my health care be affected if I raise a concern?

Georgian Bay General Hospital views identified concerns as a learning opportunity.  From your feedback we can learn how to improve the delivery of care and service. Raising a concern will not have a negative effect on the care you receive at GBGH.

Privacy & Confidentiality

In order to address your concern, we will need information about the patient and the care or service that concerns you.  Your privacy will be protected at all times.  GBGH has a legal responsibility to ensure that all personal health information collected, used and disclosed by GBGH or its staff shall be treated in a manner that accords with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA).  Ideally, we will work directly with the patient or with someone (usually a family member) who has the patient's consent to receive personal, confidential information about them.

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