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April 24-28 is Volunteer Appreciation Week at GBGH!

Georgian Bay General Hospital Volunteer AssociationThe role of all the ladies and gentleman who don the blue jackets and serve at GBGH is one of vital importance to the proper functioning of our hospital.  I’ve used the analogy that our Volunteers are like the lubricant that keeps a car’s motor from seizing up.  Without the efforts of our Volunteers each day, the operations of our busy community hospital would grind to a halt in so many ways.

From the moment someone walks through our main entrance or our Emergency Department, the first face they see is that of a Volunteer.  They are truly the face of GBGH and seeing that smile and hearing those first few helpful words is step one in our patients and their families having a positive experience within our four walls.

I can’t begin to enumerate all the good work that our Volunteers do here.  From reminding folks to wash their hands to sitting beside them with an electronic tablet asking them what they thought of their stay at GBGH, they are always there for this organization and we should all be thankful to them for that.

Being a volunteer isn’t an easy job and they make that contribution of time and energy without compensation in order to make this hospital a better place. We’ve got the best Volunteer Association here at GBGH, bar none. This is a
busy place at the best of times but I especially hope, during this week, that everyone who works or practices here takes a moment or two to extend a personal thank you to the Volunteers for everything they do!

John Kurvink
Interim President & CEO

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